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Tiny Tigers & Little Champions.


Coventry's Total Martial Arts Academy offer some fantastic children's programmes in martial arts to get them ahead in life. Simply by teaching them the benefits of keeping fit and healthy and by building their Confidence, Self Esteem and teaching them the martial arts skills.

Keeping Them Safe!


" As coaches, we are Guardians of the Flame - the flame being the enthusiasm in our performers" - Bruce Lee, Oympic Coach


Tiny Tigers

  • Lil' Dragons
  • Bully Buster - making your child bully proof
  • Your child will all so develop Life Skills, Safety Skills and Martial Arts Skills


Little Champions


  • KidsThai Boxing
  • STX Kick Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Filipino Kali
  • Self Defence


Our Little Champions programme is a unique martial arts syllabus suitable for children of all ages. We designed the syllabus to inspire the children to become fitter and healthier, while gaining in self-esteem and confidence.


The syllabus is divided into ten phases and this is your child’s journey from White Belt to Black Belt.


We have been extremely sensitive in developing our children’s syllabus, making sure the martial arts skills they learn are suitable and the moralities behind the martial arts are fully explained.


Qualities developed in their martial arts training will allow them to become academically high achievers and Free from bullying.


Bullying effects your child’s development, mentally, physically and emotionally

We will teach your child the twelve ways of dealing with the Bully ‘without’ fighting


– Walking away from trouble with confidence.


Making your child Bully Proof!



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Total Martial Arts Academy is only 1.5 miles from the city centre.



"TMA is what it says, a Total Martial arts Academy. First and foremost, it is a place where you are respected and helped to grow, in a safe environment. As the many reviews say, it is thanks to Lucky (Lakhvinder)  that a place like this exists and students can feel at home, in a world that can be cruel - that's a gem and frankly, a life saver! I'm going into my second year here now and I love training here and seeing everyone's journey. Be it for fun, confidence, fighting or so many other reasons. The instructors are some of the finest in Coventry and very approachable. You will be totally looked after during your first free visit and throughout your training here."


Sarah Shenton

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